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Whether your business needs a new website or regular maintenance, we are here to help. At Small Business Websites we design and manage websites at an affordable price. Make Us The Web Department For Your Business

Website Redesign for Mobile Devices

Small business websites need to be designed for multiple devices. Well over half of the visits made to websites are made on mobile devices. A site that is not designed for those devices will lose most of those visitors. They will also lose ranks in the search engines. In 2018 there are too many outdated sites on the web. We are here to change that.

Website Design

We design business websites from scratch. Each site is custom designed for each client. Our websites are designed for multiple devices. Learn more about our website design.

Website Management

Businesses need website management to keep their sites up-to-date. We manage sites so our clients can do their work. Learn more about our management.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Get ranked in the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) can have a major impact on the value of a small website. Learn more about SEO.


Website Redesign

Many small businesses have websites that are not designed for mobile devices. We redesign these site to make them fit on various screens. Learn more about website redesign.

Social Media Incorporation

The services we offer after your site is operating include social media setup and management. These mediums can multiply your web presence. Learn more about social media.

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Make Us Your Web Department.

We Are The Web Department for Many Small Businesses. Make Us Yours.

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Business Websites

The sites we design are customized. We have created business websites for a range of clients. And we service them after the site is operating.

New Website Designs

We design websites from scratch. We help with every aspect. When we create business websites we cover issues concerning the domain name, hosting, photos, graphics, and the other elements to get the sites operating.

Redesigning Existing Sites

Older websites are not mobile friendly. They can be redesigned to work on various devices. A redesign project costs less than the creation of a new site because most of the content already exists. We just put it in a different format. We have redesigned many websites since the creation of smart phones.

Business Websites Must Be Mobile Friendly

Today small business websites need to be designed for mobile devices. More than half the time spent viewing web pages are viewed on mobile devices.


Websites have been designed for desktop devices for years. The designers of small business websites created one view that was designed for the desktop. Today, we design pages for the desktop as well as other size screens.


Medium size screens are normally on mobile devices. The website needs to be designed to reduce the data for the content going to mobile devices. Our small business websites are designed to accommodate the medium size screen and reduce the required data.

Smart Phones

Pages on websites that are viewed on smart phones need to be designed to require less data. We create images and design layouts that reduce the pages sizes. The business website, today, must be operable on the smart phone.

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We Are Available for The Long Haul

After their sites are operating, most customers come to us for regular modifications, SEO, social media incorporation and other web marketing services. When we talk about affordable small business websites, we are talking about affordable over the long term. If your website is currently outdated, then we can redesign it at a price you can afford.

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