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Affordable websites for small businesses.

Promoting Your Small Business

Potential Clients Get Comfortable

The primary function of a website for a small business is to promote the business. When potential clients realize that you have a website they are able to visit the site and learn more about your company. This give potential clients more confidence in your business. They can find your website through promotional material or the search engines.

Advertising Traffic

A web address added to other advertising gives can turn a single page ad into multiple pages. An interested viewer who desires more information on the product you sell or the service you provide can visit the website and get that information.

SEO Traffic

People looking for goods and services today turn to the search engines regularly. Business websites that are found there will attract these visitors. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get placement in the search engines.

These are calling cards with website addresses
A web address added to print advertising

Selling Online

Selling goods and services on-line can be a major project. But this is where many company's make their most money on the web. Websites for small businesses make this possible. Selling on-line requires the setup of a shopping cart, the establishment of a secure payment system and regular management of the products being sold.

Building a Shopping Cart

For a small company that has many products it wants to sell on-line there are many shopping cart systems available. Finding the one that is right for your business requires a little research.

Very simple shopping carts sell individual products, each with their own descriptions. More complex carts sell products with a wide range of options, such as clothing, which normally requires selections such as sizes and colors for each purchase.

Getting Secure Payments

Shopping carts on websites require a secure payment system. This can be done with existing services, such as Pay Pal. Or, a system can be set up through a business's bank.

Choosing what service you use depends on several factors. the primary one being what level you expect your sales to reach on-line.

Product Management

After an on-line sales site is up and running, the operating company needs to manage it. The amount of resources required depends on many factors. For a company listing a few hundred products, this could be done with a website manager, like us. For a company managing millions of products, it could require the creation of a new department with multiple employees dedicated to on-line sales.

Small Business Websites

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