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Affordable websites for small businesses.

Website Content Management

We can manage your website content for you. All you need to do is send us the changes and updates you want made to your site and we will post them for you promptly.

Learn more about content management on our blog.

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Keeping Content Updated

For businesses that depend on visitors returning to their website, keeping content up to date is critical. Visitors that see the same thing over and over again will not visit the site as often.

For businesses that are looking for visitors that don't visit so often, content can still get outdated. Some businesses depend on seasons and need to update their sites accordingly.

We Can Manage Your Site Content

The management of you content is vital. It impacts your business's credibility, it impacts your websites rank in the search engines and it impacts whether your sites visitors do what you want them to on your website.

Text Updates

When you want text added or modified on your site all you have to do is send it to us and let us know if you want it edited. Most business's have various promotions throughout the year. These promotions need to be posted on your website and removed promptly when the promotions are over. We set up reminders with many of our customers and go as far a scheduling website updates early in the year.

New Photos and Graphics

When you have new photos or graphics that you want posted on your site just send them to us with instructions for editing and placement. We will post them on your site promptly.

We also have resources available to create photos and graphics that you need for your site. We can handle everything from the design of a new logo to getting a photo of you business location.

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Start With a Quality Website

If you already have a website, then we can help you manage it. If it is sub standard, then we can help you redesign your website to make is compatible in your market. For businesses that don't have a website, we are available to create on. We have provides website design for small businesses for over 16 years.

Small Business Websites

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