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Mobile First Web Design

Today all business websites need to be set up to display full pages for desk top computers and mobile pages for smaller devices. We do this with "Mobile First Web Design" techniques (also known as Responsive Web Design).

Businesses that do not have responsive websites will lose traffic. Those visitors simply leave the site and find another website that works better on their tablet or smartphone.

Users Are Expecting Mobile Website Design

If your site is only designed for desktop views then you need to redesign it. Most website visitors are expecting websites pages with mobile website designs. And when the come across a site is not mobile friendly, they simply go somewhere else.

Redesign Your Site for Mobile

If your site is not designed for mobile screens then contact us and we will discuss the redesign or your site. We can take the current content on your site and redesign the page structure. The pages we redesign will work on desktop and mobile devices.

Call us if you need help getting your business website designed to work on mobile devices.

Mobile web design example

Mobile Views Out Number Desktop Views

In January of 2017 more time was spend on mobile devices than on desktops. This is one of the best indicators that your website will often be viewed on mobile devices. For this reason we focus on mobile website designs for our customers while keeping those sites attractive on the desktop.

Chart of percentage of online time spent on mobile devices.

Source: comScore

Consider How Your Website Looks on Mobile Devices First!

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