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Web Presence Management for Small Business

Today your business has more that a website. It has a presence on the web.

You want to make your web assets work together for a common goal, promoting your business. Professional web presence management accomplishes this.

Web Presence Management Services

Small businesses can't afford to have their own web departments. Most can't afford to hire an individual to manage their web resources. So they hire an individual to do their web work along with other jobs. This leads to two undesirable situations. First, these employees is not able to improve their web skills because they are busy doing other things. Second, they are normally the only employee capable of doing the work. That puts the employers in a hostage situation if they want to terminate this employment.

That's where we come in. We provide the benefits of having your own web department at a fraction of the cost. Our web presence management services will work to improve your visibility on the web. And our professionals can work with any web assets to improve your web presence. From posting text on Facebook to producing videos for YouTube, we can create a program that will improve the value of the web to your business. We become your web presence manager at a fraction of the cost.

Social media resources available.

What Is Web Presence?

The simple answer is, "It's the combination of all of your web assets." Your website, your search engine ranks, your blogs, your social media connections, your YouTube videos and your other mediums all impact your web presence. Your web presence is the combined value of all of your assets on the web. It is the net result of how well those assets work for your business.

A Two Way Street

The website is a static asset that carries information one way. Other web resources, such as social media, carry information two ways. This allows the business to get information from their customers. Replies on blogs and social media can be valuable. Interaction with web visitors, properly managed, will enhance a business's web presence.

Small Business Web Presence

Small businesses that effectively incorporate web assets can increase the value of their web presence many times over. The way they handle web content is the contributing factor. We can help you get this started and manage it over time.

Static Websites

Static websites are in HTML format. That format is a little difficult for most business managers to use. Our services allow those managers to make web changes simply by sending an email or a text message.

Content Management

Content management sites are a little easier for business managers to use. With a little education, they can learn to operate them. We can train clients that want "hands on" to use CMS websites.

Social Media

Social media is a growing medium and comes with many options. Choosing which resources to use and how to use them needs to be done carefully. We use our experience to help clients determine what is best for them.


YouTube can be an important element of your web presence. Videos are becoming more cost effective as they become more popular. And YouTube is second in searches only to Google.

Have Your Own Web Presence Manager

Does it sound like a lot to worry about? It can be. But we can make it easier for you. As your web presence manager we will help you develop a plan for posting, reviewing and managing your web presence. Then we will do the work.

Big Businesses Have Web Departments

Large corporations have web departments that consist of web experts managing their web presence. They are making regular changes to their sites, their social media and their other web resources.

Small Businesses Have Us

We incorporate content management into your static website when we become your web presence manager. When our clients want content modifications made to their websites, they simply send us a request. We make the modifications promptly, normally within a few hours of receiving the request.

A Customized Web Presence Plan

Our professionals will create a web presence plan that is customized for your business. How your customers use the web will determine the tools we incorporate.

Scheduled Posting

Our services include posting that is done on a schedule. A jewelry company, for example, can use Facebook and Instagram to show monthly specials. This entices customers to come into the store before the end of the month. These posts can be scheduled ahead of time. The jewelry store could elect to turn this work over to us.

Instant Posting

We train clients that need to post more on a moments notice. For example, a local sandwich shop can use Twitter to send specials to it's followers immediately. This can generate sales in a matter of minutes. When the sandwich shop wants to make posts at a moments notice, they can do it.

Promoting your web presence is a continuous process. We can help you do it.


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