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Facebook and Twitter for Small Business

Like it or not, people are talking about your small business on the web. And they are doing it through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are some of the primary social media tools used by businesses today. They can work in conjunction with your website to offer streams of communication between your business and your clients. Social media and small business can work together as a powerful force.

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Get Input From Others

Social media is a good tool to get feedback from others about your business.

Clients are one of the best sources for ideas on how to improve your goods and services. And social media allows those clients to communicate with your business.

Social media can also be used to monitor what the market is saying about your business. Problems that you didn't even know about can be uncovered and then resolved.

We can show you how to use social media in your business.

The Primary Social Media Tools

Facebook and Twitter are the primary social media tools used by business today. We can help you set up accounts for these services and train your staff on how to use them. We can even manage these web assets for you.


Businesses use Facebook for notifications, news, events and more. Visitors are allowed to comment on your posting. Followers are called "Fans" who can make comments on you page. You can post photos, graphics and videos on you Facebook Fan page.


Twitter has a wide range of uses for business. Customer feedback, customer support and even internal communication that can be viewed by the public. The content you post on Twitter needs to cater to your target audience.

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