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Learn What Pages Work For You

What Pages Get Results?

Web analytics provides valuable information on your website.

Web analytics can track details on your website such as how long visitors stay on your site, what pages they enter on, what pages they leave from and much more.

Sources Of Entry

Determining where your visitors come from can show you the worth of various marketing services. When visitors reach your site from search engines, you know your SEO program is working. When they reach you site by typing in the domain, you know your print media is valuable.

Time On The Site

The time visitors spend on your website says a lot about how well it is working. When visitors are there for a few seconds and only visit a page, then you have a problem that needs to be corrected.

Pages of Exit

Web analytics allow you to see what page a visitor leaves you site from. If they leave from the "Thank You" page. then that is a good sign. If the leave consistently from a particular page without taking action, then you probably need to make modifications to that page.

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