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Affordable websites for small businesses.

Analysis of Competitor Websites

Our SEO professionals can review the websites of your competitors and show you how you can compete with them. You can face a competitor head-on or target market segments that a dominating competitor does not target. Which action you take will depend on factors such as your budget and your market.

Example of a Search Engine Rank Report

Making Cost Effective Decisions

Sometimes getting a website that is better than your competitor's is just a question of investing more money. Other times, small businesses are targeting the same markets as large corporations. Those small businesses cannot afford to invest the thousands of dollars required to compete. In these cases, we look for market niches for you to target.

Finding a place in the market that is cost effective is key in designing and modifying your website. Any website design for small business must at least be comparable to it's competitors.

Competitor Content Review

Small businesses need to see a review the sites of their market as a part of their SEO services. We can review the content of your competitors websites and compare it to yours. From this review we propose modifications that will improve your site.

Get New Ideas

We can show you where your competitors rank in the search engines as a part of our SEO services. And we compare those ranks to yours. If you are not ahead of your competitors, then we make changes designed to get you ranked higher.

Review Your Content

Reviewing and updating content of your current site is key in the SEO services we provide for small businesses. New ideas for layouts, images, text and other elements can be gained by simply reviewing your site and comparing is to sites of your competitors.

Small Business Websites

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