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Affordable websites for small businesses.

Huck Huckabee, Owner

In the 1980s Huck worked in retailing through a building supply company where he eventually became the general manager. In the 90s he got his MBA from Wake Forest and worked for a textile manufacturing company. In the late 90s he built his first website and made it a search engine. From their he developed a passion for the web.

Small Business Websites

Owner and Manager

In 1999, Huck Huckabee designed his first website. It was a site that linked businesses together in his home town with the use of a search engine.

In December of 2000, he built his first website for a customer. Since then he has designed hundreds of websites. He has also provided website management services to many small businesses.

He has years of experience in retailing and has incorporated those skills into his website business.

Huck Huckabee is a website designer.

Small Business Websites, CEO

Wake Forest MBA

Computer Instructor

Website Designer

SEO Specialist

Our Website Design Staff

Kamden Leigh

Kamden is our social media advisor. She has years of experience with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other tools. She reviews website integration with various social media platforms.

Patricia Fox

Patricia is our primary writer and editor. She has been a writer for several local chambers of commerce across the country. She has done freelance work for many businesses.

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