Redesign Your Outdated Website

Business Website Redesign

Do Your Need To Redesign Your Website?

Ask yourself these questions:
What do your competitors’ sites look like?
Is your website state of the art?
Do you want to lead your market or do you want to play catch up?

Old website design
Website redesigned for a jewelry store

Improvements in the mobile pages, the addition of some color and updating of existing content made the redesign of this website easy and cost effective. The upgrades were made promptly and this jewelry store now has a website that is state of the art.

Most time a business website redesign will already have existing content that is ready to be posted on the new site. This can save time and money in the design of your new website.

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There Are Different Levels Of Redesign

The redesign of your website can take place for a number of reasons and at a number of levels. Here are a few of those:

A Full Site Feature Update

Sometimes websites, even those that are updated regularly, just get outdated and need a fresh look. New website features come available over time and eventually need to be incorporated into your business’s website. A redesigned website will take your whole site, make minor modifications to your content, and create an updated look and a new presentation.

A New Look To Your Website

Businesses that keep their websites updated normally have a flow and a layout that works well and doesn’t need to be changed. Their site just needs a new look.

Website header and footer content, backgrounds, button designs and other simple features can be a significant improvement to a quality website.

Replacing An Outdated Website

Too often, small businesses don’t keep their sites updated as often as they should. In these cases their site need major updates and changes. Existing content can possibly be used but it is more likely that new content will need to be created.

New text and new images along with a new page design and layout can make a significant difference to an outdated website.

Expanding A Business

As businesses grow so do their product and service lines. And over time the direction of their company as a whole changes. When such major changes take place, website need to be redesigned to keep up with the times.

Incorporating existing content with the presentation of new goods and services expands a business’s website exponentially.

Redesigned business websites work well on all size screens.

Redesigned website on multiple devices