Huck Huckabee

Author of Small Business Websites

Huck Huckabee In The Web Business

Huck Huckabee built his first website in 1999. In those days the web was little more than a thought to most businesses, especially small businesses. The site he created included a search engine that focused on a small community. He put several small businesses on the web so they could be found by his search engine. Today he designs and manages sites for small businesses across the country.

Huck has an MBA from the Babcock Graduate School of Management at Wake Forest University. He has taken his degree and combined it with his fascination for the web and developed a web design business that has served hundreds of small businesses.

For a couple of years Huck designed sites in html format. Shortly after WordPress came out in 2003, he began to learn about open-source content management systems. Over the years WordPress has improved and become easier to use. Today he designs nearly all of his sites in WordPress.

Huck Huckabee website designer

Web Design Since 1999

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