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A small business's web presence begins with it's website. Growth from that point is limitless. Our professionals design and operate websites for small businesses, we incorporate them with other web assets and we do it at an affordable price.

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Our Work Includes:

Web Design - Web Management - SEO - Social Media

and other digital services

Web Design and Management

Our services include the design and management of websites and other web assets. Our management services range from minor content modifications to regular monitoring of web analytics. When you use us you get the advantages of employing and retaining an experienced web specialist at a fraction of the cost of hiring one.

Prompt Service

Many of our new clients tell us the same story: "It took forever to get my web designer to make simple changes on my site." They are pleasantly surprised when they begin to work with us. Basic site updates and minor modifications are normally made within a matter of hours, just as if you had a web design staff of your own. No job is too small.

Learn more about websites for small businesses.

Make Us Your Web Department

We are here when you need us. At Small Business Websites we give our clients the benefits of having their own web department at a fraction of the cost. Could this work for you?

Web Design Services

We have designed and managed small business websites since 1999. Our experienced designers have built hundreds of sites. Each website is custom designed specifically for each client.

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Don't have a website?

We build affordable sites.

Website Design

Our website design experts have been creating professional websites for nearly two decades. We can create an affordable site that is customized for your business.

Need a better website?

We redesign outdated sites.

Site Redesign

Our website designers have kept up-to-date on web technology as it has developed. Get your site updated with a website redesign.

Got a mobile friendly website?

If not, you're losing prospects.

Mobile Friendly Design

More that half of website visits are made on mobile devices. Our mobile first website design services create sites that work on all size screens.

See Some Of Our Web Design Work

Our clients range from manufacturers to retailers. We serve businesses from Florida to Hawaii.

Our Sites Fit All Screen Sizes

Mobile First Responsive Web Design

Our web design process incorporates the strategy of mobile first responsive web design. This strategy is employed to accommodate the growing domination of mobile users on the web.

Contact us and we will discuss what mobile first design can do for you.

Mobile Friendly Websites Get Better Ranks

Websites that are mobile friendly get better search engine ranks than those that are not.

"When a hungry person speaks these words into a smartphone, 'pepperoni pizza in east Peoria,' search engines know what kind of device the request is from and move non-mobile-ready sites way down the search results."

-Manta, "No Mobile Website? It's a Death Wish for Small Business" -

Improve Your Online Presence

Web Presence for Small Business

At Small Business Websites we provide a range of web design and management services. Our mission is to maximize the web presence of each client. In addition to website design our services include SEO, social media management, web analytics and other digital marketing. We coordinate theses assets to work for a common objective.

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An Online Presence Pays Dividends

"In our increasingly digital world, an online presence will pay dividends for your business. Even with limited resources, you can leverage a few tools and services to quickly establish a footprint on the Internet for your company. The gains in growth for your company that result from starting and developing an online presence will be well worth the time spent."

-Forbes, "A Beginner's Guide to Establishing an Online Presence on a Budget"

Create an Effective Web Presence

Your website is the most important element in creating an effective web presence. It's effectiveness is enhanced by the use of additional web resources. Those resources include:

Social Media

Social media resources can have a major impact web presence. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tools can be incorporated to bring more desired traffic to your website.

Search Engines

Search engine ranks impact web presence, because people use them to find your business. They can type in the company name or they can find your site by searching for products or services.

The Blog

Blogs can help your web presence. For example, creating a company newsletter encourages visitors to check your site regularly. This is an excellent way to increase web traffic.

Learn more about our web presence management.

Need more web traffic?

Improve search engine ranks.

Small Business SEO

Websites are worthless without traffic. Search engine optimization is key. Learn more about improving your site traffic with small business website SEO services.

Using social media?

We can set it up and manage it.

Social Media

More small businesses are connecting with their customers through social media. We offer social media marketing services for small businesses.

Want a video?

We can create it.

Using YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? More businesses are incorporating videos into their web presence. We help create and post videos and incorporate YouTube.

Our Web Presence Services Are Affordable

We provide web presence management at a price small businesses can afford. Programs are customized for each client. They include website management, SEO services, social media management and web analytics.

Contact us today and let's see what we can do for your business.

Advantages of Hiring Us

There are many advantages to hiring us.

Avoid Another Employee

Our services enable you to avoid having to hire, and worry about keeping, an employee with web design skills.

Here When You Need Us

Another advantage is that we are available when you need us. We make requested modifications promptly.

More Than Web Design

Another benefit you get is that we can go beyond website design. We do everything from incorporating social media to creating custom videos.

Web Experience

We bring nearly two decades of experience to the table. And we have continually developed our abilities in improving our skills.

Learn more about our web services:

Web Design | Social Media | Videos | SEO | Web Analytics

Let's Get Started

We are ready to serve you. Send us an email or give us a call at 704-438-2910. We look forward to hearing from you.

Still got questions? Learn more about what websites for small businesses can do.

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