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Small Business Websites

At Small Business Websites we offer website design and redesign services. With over twenty years of experience we can create a website that is state of the art for your business.

Once we create your website we can turn it over to you or we can manage it for you. In which case, all you have to do is send us content and instructions. We’ll make the modifications promptly.

We also offer a range of other services that compliment your business’s web assets.

Website Design and Web Management

Most small business owners are passionate about their businesses. But many of them are frustrated with their businesses’ websites and the management of them. We can change that.

We are available to create new websites from scratch and to make modifications to existing websites. For customers who want to manage their sites themselves, we are available to train their staff.

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Business Website Services Available


Complete Website Design

We offer complete website design, from start to finish. We handle:

Domain Acquisition
Domain Pointing
Domain Renewals
Hosting Setup
Page Layout
Image Editing
Graphics Design
Text Creation
Text Placement

Website Setup

Some of our clients just need help setting up their website. For those that do we provide:

Domain Setup
Domain Pointing
Hosting Setup

Once we have these items setup we turn the site over to you. You can design your website, create your content and arrange it in-house.


More Web Services

We are available to help you with other web services.

We help a range of small businesses with search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, social media, artwork, content management and a range of other services.

Make us your web department. We want to work for you.


Website Redesign

We are available to redesign outdated websites. We work with html and WordPress designs.

Social Media Management

We tie in social media to your website. We can help your with setup and management. Plans are customized for each client.

SEO Services

We offer SEO services. We track the ranks of your website and do SEO work to improve your ranks.
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Experienced In Website Design

We have designed and managed small business websites since 1999. Our experienced designers have built hundreds of sites and for wide range of customers. We work with each client to custom design their websites.

You will benefit from our experience for the long term. As the web advances we advance with it by learning about the new elements. And we can keep your site and other web assets on the cutting edge of the web.

Web Management Services

More that 9 out of every 10 consumers use the web to search for local businesses. Are those potential customers finding your website? If not, then we can help you with professional web management services. We help a range of clients get desired visitors to their websites.

Our web management services can help your business connect with more valuable customers on the web.

Small Business Web Management

Who manages your small business web assets? Small business web management includes everything from email setup to monitoring web analytics. For some businesses this can be an aggravating and time consuming chore. We can eliminate this aggravation.

Different website owners have different web management needs. We work with each client to tailor our services to their needs.

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Partial Website Management

Many of our clients manage their own content. They are good at it! They keep their website updated regularly. When they get to the less common chores of website management, they can turn things over to us.

Complete Web Management

Some clients turn full management of their website over to us. They are more comfortable doing that. This can save them the cost of a new employee and it allows them to focus more on their specialties. We handle their all of their web issues.

Other Web Management

Does your business need help beyond managing your web assets? We help with the incorporation of social media, search engine optimization and other issues associated with their business’s connections to the web.


Website Management For Small Business

All websites need managers. Some businesses have employees that can manage theirs in-house. For those who don’t, we are available. Big businesses have their own web departments. Small businesses have us. Make us your web department.

Need modifications made to your site? Just call us and give us a try.


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Web Presence

For most clients, their primary mission is to improve their web presence. Our web presence management services support their website and include search engine optimization, social media management and web analytics. We coordinate these assets to work for the common objective of improving how well the web works for their businesses.

Our services include reports that track the activity on your website. This allows you to see the improvements in your site’s web presence.

Available When You Need Us

Do you have a problem with your website designer taking days (or even weeks) to make minor changes to your website? A lot of small businesses do. We have won over several clients because they know we will complete their work promptly.

We want your work. Give us a call and let’s get you set up so we can make modifications to you website the next time you need them.

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