Small Business Websites

When small businesses need websites, they come to us. We get them on the web quickly and with little effort on their part. We can get your business online through a website, social media, search engines and more. And our services continue after the website is online.

Responsive Web Design

In this day of mobile devices, websites need to be responsive. That means the website needs to fit on the screen it is being viewed on whether it is a large desk top or a small smart phone.

Too many businesses just build one size website and leave it to the visitors with small devices to expand and move around the pages. What they don't realize is that these visitors leave their site and look for another one. Building a site that responds to different screen sizes will keep them from losing these visitors.

Desk top, tablet and smart phone screens.

Web Marketing

Many businesses need a new website and someone to manage it for them. That's where we do our best work. We can design and build your website. Then we can manage it for you over the long term. Many of our customers have been with us for over a decade. And we continue to gain new customers who rely on us to manage their web assets.

Make us the web marketing department for your business. We can do all or any part of your web work.

Website Design

Most small businesses need a professional website. But, they can't justify hiring a website designer full time. Many resolve this problem by calling us. We design custom websites for businesses that want a professional design at a low cost. Click here to learn more about our website design services.

Mobile Pages

More and more users are visiting websites using smaller screens. It has been predicted that in 2015, sites will be viewed more often on mobile devices than they will on desk top computers. Does your site have pages designed for smartphones. Click here to learn more about mobile pages for business.


Websites need visitors. And those visitors need to be interested in the content of the websites they find. Traffic generation is a key element in getting the expected utility out of most small business websites. Search engine optimization (SEO) connects websites to visitors that are interested in their content. We provide desired traffic through to your website through our SEO services. SEO targets the markets you want to pursue. Click here to learn more about our SEO services.

Social Media

Social media can be set up and managed to compliment your website and increase it's traffic. Click here to learn more about social media.

These are just a few of our business website services. From the design of a website to answering messages on Facebook, we can help your company benefit from exposure on the Internet.

When you have web work that needs to be done, just send it to us. We'll do it quickly.
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